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Here you can find out about the ROBLOX game Disaster Survival Redux made by Catstr Games (me)! This wiki consists of information on every disaster, the map, easter eggs, gear from the shop and more.

Disaster Survival Redux is a remake of the original ROBLOX game from the early 2000s Survive the Disasters by TheFurryFox, now known as V_yriss. You can still play the game to this day, however it has had many updates now and isn't the same game it used to be, but still, go check it out and support V_yriss' content. The early game consisted of around 50 disasters back in the early versions of ROBLOX and the game held many happy memories for me, and I wanted to be able to recreate those days, but add my own twist to it as well. The game is live now, so all of you can relive the early days, with a mix of the present. - Catstr, creator of Catstr Games, me :)

This new game contains a new range of crazy disasters to battle against, including Orbital Strikes, Lasers, Zombies, Black Holes, Tsunamis, Epic Ducks, Rising Lava and more!

Visit the Disasters page to learn about each disaster, what they consist of and how to survive each one.

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